Haruma Miura Mysterious Death Case: Explosive Interview tells world the foul play! (Japanese Version below the English version)

In a Global Exclusive Interview, News Tap Global spoke to a Japanese National, who gave out super Explosive Answers with regards to the death of Haruma Miura. 


1. Why is foul play suspected in Hanuma's death? 

Many suspicious points.
・The suicide report started only 54 minutes after the time of death (July 18, 14:00).
・However, there are many testimonies that saw the news report before the time of death. All information on the Internet has been erased, but people's memories remain.
・The scene was investigated for about 3 hours that night. In other words, the suicide was reported before that.
・The initial media report stated that he was found dead at his home, but this was changed to "he was taken to the hospital and died. However, no neighbors saw the ambulance.
・The cremation was unusually fast. There are several theories as to the date and place of the funeral, and the truth is not yet known.
・The initial media report said that there was a suicide note, but 49 days later, his office announced that there was no suicide note.
・There were too many differences between the initial media report and the office announcement other than the suicide note.
・It was announced that he hanged himself in his closet at home, but how could he hang himself from a 160cm high bar in his closet when he was 178cm tall?
・In the months following his death, two actresses who had performed with him also committed suicide in the same manner (hanging in a closet).
・He was planning to leave the office on his own. It is suspected that the date of his death was around the end of his contract.
・He died suddenly during the filming of a drama. However, all that appeared in the media were his personal problems such as trouble with his mother, and there was no mention of his work or the drama scene. And the drama was a gaslighting drama.

2. Is his death being investigated? If yes by which agency?

No. We have appealed to the police, the Metropolitan Police Department, and the National Police Agency to reopen the case, but they have not moved at all.

3. What does the family say? Do they feel there is a foul play?

His father died suddenly six months after his death. We suspect that his father may have been murdered as well. We have been unable to locate his mother at all. She gave an interview to a magazine once, but we don't know if that was really her statement.
Fans have been doing all kinds of activities to get him re-investigated, but not one message from his mother has reached us.
 So we don't know if she is safe or not. His father in law is not being covered by the media despite the bad rumors. I suspect that his father-in-law is involved in this case. Haruma has no siblings. He is an only child.

4. Did Haruma have any link with any Politiician?

Frankly, I don't know. Too much information is hidden. However, he was an active participant in his firm's charity named AAA (Act Against Aids), which questioned donations to a children's hospital in Laos and called for transparency in the flow of money. One wonders if that issue is deeply connected to the Haruma case, and if it might also be connected to politicians.

5. What is opinion of the public?

Many people still think Haruma committed suicide. This is because at the time, media control was complete and actors around him were under a gag order and did not even mention his name. He has been erased. Little by little, through Twitter and street campaigns, people are saying, "He didn't commit suicide, did he?" but more and more people are realizing that he did not commit suicide. However, it is very difficult to influence public opinion because the media does not cover it at all.

6. How is the government there? Do they have a good grip on the media? Can the media be controlled?

Japan's international ranking of press freedom has been hovering around 70th place for the past several years, which is on par with backward countries.
Although we feel that the media is controlled by the government, historically speaking, Japan has been controlled by the 3S (Screen, Sports, Sex) policy of the U.S. GHQ for a long time after the defeat in the war.

News Tap and the Japanese National mutually chose to keep his/her name confidential.


1. なぜ、春馬の死は不正行為があったと疑われるのか?




3. 家族はなんといっているか?やはり不正があったと感じているのか?


4. 春馬さんは政治家とのつながりがありましたか?

正直、わかりません。情報が隠され過ぎています。しかし彼の所属事務所のAAA(Act Against AIDS)というチャリティーに彼は積極的に参加していた。しかし、ラオスの小児病院への寄付に疑問をもち、お金の流れの透明化を訴えていた。その問題がこの事件に深く関わっているのではないか?また、それは政治家にもつながるのではないか、とも考えられる。

5. 世論は?


6. 政府の存在について。メディアを掌握しているのか?メディアはコントロールされているのか


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  1. He was Murdered .
    We Wont Stop Until His Justice

  2. Haruma’s jobs were going very well. He was longing for the future. It’s very strange to choose committing suicide.

  3. We want #JusticeForHaruma. If we will not stand beside him then who will stand??

  4. Haruma said that he wanted to become a light to illuminate people. It’s unbelievable that he committed suicide.

  5. Too many suspicious points to conclude the case as a suicide!!! Obviously, Miura Haruma DID NOT commit suicide!!!

  6. 彼の死から21ヶ月が過ぎた。デモ活動は8ヶ月行われている。日本全国で。しかし、どのメディアも一回も報道していない。彼は日本屈指の俳優、歌手、ダンサー、ミュージカル俳優、キンキーブーツローラに出演。海外からのオファーもあった。そんな人の報道が何故なされないのか?AAAチャリティーが国絡み、政治家が関わっているからだ。彼はその闇を知り、暗殺された。しかも計画的に、出演していたドラマの収録中に殺されてしまった。証拠になる映像は全国に流された。見せしめのごとく。許されることではない。捜査もされないのは政治家が警察に圧力をかけているため。日本は頭から腐ってしまっている。どうか世界からこの事件に声をあげてほしいと願います。彼の尊厳の回復と魂に安らぎを与えてください。

    1. Thank you for stating the truth!!! Miura Haruma did not commit suicide!!! We need to clear his name!!! JUSTICE FOR MIURA HARUMA!!!

  7. Haruma was definitely mardered.
    He left many proofs that he wants to live.
    The firm he contracted with has been hiding some
    important fact about his death.
    They stubbornly refused to disclose the timeline of the day he might past away
    even though shareholders asked about it at thier stockholders’ meeting.
    We Wont Stop Until His Justice

  8. In the interview of concert with Cynthia Erivo, January 2020, Haruma said that he wanted to go overseas and play musicals and movies. His dream was about to come true. After 7 months, he passed away. It’s impossible!

  9. In live of Instagram on May 2020, Haruma might give a signal by hand sign, “Help Me.” The hand sign shows to claim DV or something. He maybe wanted to ask for help. At that time, in Japan, the hand sign was not known well. Nobody noticed Haruma’s signal.

  10. Haruma might have trouble with his management office. It is said that he spent all day in the sound-shielded chamber in his room. He might suspect to be bugged.

  11. The Japanese law enforcement authorities need to reinvestigate the incident NOW!!! Miura Haruma did not commit suicide!!!

  12. SNSなどを頼りに彼の死を匂わせる内容に疑問を向けるファンから火が付き私はその画像を目にした。



    →有吉弘行 インスタ 三浦春馬

  13. Miura didn't commit suicide.
    I hope truth will be revealed soon.
    May his soul RIP 🙏🏻

  14. Usually people call an ambulance if they find someone in a critical condition. However, it is reported a staff member of the agency Amuse called the police and not an ambulance. Later, it is reported that the police called an ambulance. However, nobody around Haruma's apartment saw someone carried into the ambulance. It is possible the ambulance left without carrying anybody. Many people saw a news bulletin informing of Haruma's death on TV early in the morning on July 18. It is said Haruma worked at Midoriyama TV studio until10 pm on July17 for the TV drama. Something might have happened after the TV drama shooting and he might have been carried to the hospital and might have died. The time of his death cannot be 14:10 on July 18, which was reported by the mass media. If it is true, why do several people tweeted about Haruma's death late at night on July 17. We doubt he committed suicide. He might have been murdered or he might have had an accident and died at TBS shooting site Midoriyama. The staff members of TBS TV drama must know the truth, but all of them have kept silent until today. We need a through explanation about Haruma's death from the agency Amuse and TBS. They are responsible for Haruma's death. We are asking the police for reinvestigation about Haruma’s death, but there has been no response from the police.

  15. Haruma started his own Instagram since 2018. But he deleted posts of 2018 and 2019 by himself. Maybe he worried about harm to the people in the photos of Instagram.

  16. Haruma’s Instagram includes some cyphers. Post of New Year’s Day of 2020. If you read the letters on the right edge vertically, you can see “Ni Ge Ru Ka Ra Mi No Ga Shi Te.”
    It means “I will run away, let me go.”

  17. 春馬さんは生前、外国でのインタビュー記事の中で厭な死に方は?と聴かれて自死でないのに自死とされることだと答えていたそうだ。感のいい彼はそんな予感がしていたのだなー。と

  18. 春馬さんは生前、厭な死に方は自死 でないのに自死に見せかける死に方だと、あるインタビューで答えていたそうだ。感の良い春馬さんはそんな予感がしていたんだなー。

  19. It is a violation of the basic human rights of Japanese citizens. It is a serious crime by the national police agency against Japanese citizens. We need to support re-investigation.